Our Attractions

The Yukon Suspension Bridge at Tutshi Canyon is located on the South Klondike Highway, just a few miles north of the White Pass summit.

Upon reaching it, the visitor has passed through some of the most magnificent scenery on earth and heard about the hardships that stampeders met along the historic White Pass. Now comes the opportunity to experience this country with all the senses: to breathe the pristine air, hear the roar of raging water, thrill to the sensations of a swaying walkway 57 feet above the rapids.

Visitors can enjoy the center in whatever way suits them. Many will simply fall under the spell of the churning river and its mountain backdrop. Benches on the main platform and leaning rails on the far bank will enhance their quiet enjoyment of the scene.

For those who like a more informative experience there are three distinct interpretive areas at the site. The first area consists of a large scale 3 dimensional map orienting you to the areas from Skagway to Whitehorse, detailing Trails, Traditional Life, Glaciers and Geology. The second area discusses Human History including First Nations and stories of the gold rush from the top of the White Pass down the rivers and lakes into the gold fields.

The Third area deals with the Natural History of the area and how High Country nature at 3,000 feet above sea level varies from the coastal environment at Skagway. Each of the areas contains extensive graphics and 3 dimensional displays as well as panels of informative text.


Across the bridge on the other side of the viewing platform there is an easily accessible walking trail that leads to an authentic trapper’s cabin for those who have a little more time to explore.   The facility is wheelchairs accessible up to the actual bridge itself but many views are enjoyed from the main viewing platforms.